Bee You Make & Take Young Living Essential Oil Roller Blends

You are a beautiful little bee in a big world!  And while we are busy flying around from flower to flower we can sometimes forget to bee our best selves.  When we need a little correction during our beesy day let’s turn to the bee-youtiful power of natural essential oils.  Essential oils can help support mood changes and help us feel better!  No matter if we need to uplift our spirits, get through the day at work, or just calm down with our family at night, these blends are here to get us back on track!




BEE COURAGEOUS, BUSY BEE made with a Young Living Essential Oils.

This is going to BEE FUN.  You’ll BEE MAD if you miss this one!  

Politely we request a $5.00 donation from all YL members. Non-members are encouraged to join us for FREE, so bring a friend.

DixeyLand (Residence) Please R.S.V.P.

Saturday July 20th Time: 2-4 pm 

Heather Dixey (850) 450-1987, www.youngliving.rocks, www.younglivingoils.info, www.dixeyland.rocks

This is a residence and space is limited so please RSVP.


  •  August 10th:  Back To School

  • September 14th:  DIY Autumn Room Sprays Make N Take
  • October 12th:  Winter Wellness
  • November 9th:  Natural Oil Solutions Swap Meet
  • December 14th:  YoungLiving.Rocks FAMILY Christmas Potluck

I want this to be a fun hands on experience for all involved.  Please let me know if you are interested in joining us, there is a limited amount of space and I will need to know what supplies we might need.

We will have snacks, hand outs, samples, raffles, door prizes, etc., etc..

Politely, I am requesting a $5.00 donation from all current YL members to cover some of the cost of supplies.  All non-YL-members are FREE.  So bring a friend!

If you know anyone whose interested in learning more about essential oils, please contact me.

Ideas for a class?  Can’t make the monthly scheduled class, or have a class you can’t stand that you’ve missed, give me a holler, I’ll bet we can work something out.

Contact me: Heather Dixey “Oily Insight” # 1375075, Pensacola, Florida


For the best value become a Young Living member and discover how Young Living can help you.

  • Save 24 percent off retail pricing.
  • Earn monthly commisions.
  • Join a worldwide community of like minded people.
  • Share a product that can transform the lives of those who use it.

To find out more about how to join our YL family Visit me @ www.YoungLiving.Rocks, Love Dixey


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