MARCH into wellness through mindful eating!

DixeyLand hosts a monthly YoungLivingOils.Info meeting.

Young Living Monthly Meeting, Pensacola, FLThis month we are having a potluck where each of us bring a dish that features either an essential oil, Balance Complete or Ningxia Red….  Sooooo many Recipes, YUM, YUM, YUM! Young Living has gluten free Einkorn pasta and Wolf berry syrup (on top of vanilla ice cream, OMG!) and, and, and…….. The possibilities are not only endless there is a multitude of ways to make them extra nutritious. You may not realize it, but you’ve been eating essential oils your whole life.

We aim to educate each other, inspire one another, and create abundance within our community.

March 10, 2-4pm, Please Join us!

We request a $5.00 donation for supplies from all members, all newbies join us for FREE.

Space is limited so please let me know if you are interested in joining us.

We would love to hear what your favorite food/beverage recipe is using Young Living products, please share.

About Dixey

Artist, animal and plant lover. Geek’d out on Essential Oils. Young Living Independent Distributor #1375075. Creative and spontaneous! Love to sell things on ebay, make jewelry, crochet and garden!

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