I’m not sure why but last week we picked the worst weather day of the week to go out and adventure about. It was raining cats and dogs. We inched our way on down to the End of the Line for some Carrot Ginger soup with a friend. There are not a lot of places out there that I let my guard down and eat like a pig! It’s all Vegan, Organic and non-GMO. I haven’t been down there in a while, so this was a much needed welcome treat. It was packed like a can of sardines. Thriving and ALIVE just like the food they serve.

Love that place for all that they do to help people make better choices. AND NO! I’m not a vegan and YES I eat meat but not as often as I used to….

They have a Thursday 3 course dinner that comes with a drink and dessert and they do the same thing on Sunday’s at Brunch. Also, recently I saw an advertisement for cooking classes. So if you want to learn how to eat vegan then maybe? This is for you. The creative approach they take to eating is certainly 5 star in my book. I have never left a crumb on my plate.

On a totally different note: We are Sprouting some fun ideas for our Young Living Meetings.

Young Living Meetings, NW Florida, Robertsdale, ALFebruary 10th 2-4pm in NW Florida, contact me for details

February 17th 2-4pm in Robertsdale, Donna Martin will be hosting a meeting. Contact Donna for details.

Learn how to use Essential Oils to SIMPLIFY your cleaning habits and SAVE yourself some CASH!

You will get a chance to smell the Young Living Thieves cleaner and learn different methods of use.

We will exchange various tips, tricks, recipes and much much more! Everyone who joins us will get an extra chance to win my next giveaway. It’s gonna be good.

Detox your home! Detox for LIFE!

FYI, my Thieves Mouthwash giveaway ends at midnight central standard time.

Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash Giveaway

About Dixey

Artist, animal and plant lover. Geek’d out on Essential Oils. Young Living Independent Distributor #1375075. Creative and spontaneous! Love to sell things on ebay, make jewelry, crochet and garden!

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  1. beenzen says:

    Not sure how to answer so it doesn’t disrupt your phone.

    I already explained the Tumeric/Cayenne made me forget ibuprophen for 3 days. Affected by flu but I’m doing 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday so warding off flu but my back and knee forgot they need drugs every morning. Since last week when I ordered that stuff after your meeting.

    > >


  2. beenzen says:

    Still hard to get to your website.

    > >


  3. beenzen says:

    I adore your blog but if you want to sell stuff, too much to read and fill in every time by cell phone because I’ve had to do that every time. The Young Living site runs extremely slow. Took me 10 min to get there. Doterra took about 2 min. Shipment extremely slow if I were not a loyal customer.

    > >


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