Dog Tooth Calcite

Caramelized light brown colored Dog Tooth Calcite crystal points cluster.

Dog Tooth Calcite

Dog tooth Calcite crystal are pointed and sharp resembling a canine tooth.

Dog Tooth Calcite

Known to intensify and cleanse energies. Helps clear blockages that are creating stagnation. Which in turn generates more rapid healing and growth.

Calcite offers a sense of serenity, helps alleviate emotional stress and can help open the mind to better insight. It may help with analysis, said to calm ones mind, increase memory and even boost energy levels. Some have even said it helped reduce laziness.

Calcite encourages inner peace.

Dog Tooth Calcite

Physically healing? Maybe….?

It’s said that Dog Tooth Calcite boosts calcium uptake in bones. Dissolves calcification. Strengthens bones and joints.

Calcite has been used to strengthen the immune system stimulating tissue healing and blood clotting. May help to alleviate intestinal and skin conditions.

Calcite is known to help generate healthy functioning of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen.

This rock was gifted to me. Seems so fitting.

Anyone have any idea where they are found?

Joy of the Holidays with Young Living December Promo’s

Welcome the Joy of the Holidays

With a Bounty of Holiday Goodies in December’s Promo

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Heirloom Wild Rice Recipe

This is a recipe someone gave me at our local vegetarian society monthly meeting.

I love wild rice, which isn’t really a rice at all.  It’s a long black grain of grass.  Packed with nutrient value.  This is a great substitution for regular rice.

I enjoyed the light refreshing flavor.  Easy to make!  Easy to eat!

  • Organic Wild Black Rice
  • Raisins 3/4-1/2 cup
  • Fresh Chopped Organic Apple
  • 2-4 Chopped Organic Pineapple slices
  • Juice from a few slices of Pineapple
  1.   Soak 1 cup Organic Wild Black Rice overnight or until it softens on the counter in a mason jar covered tightly.  Once softened it’s edible.
  2. Drain Rice, add raisins, apple, pineapple and juice.
  3. Toss well
  4. Garnish with Cilantro or Parsley
  5. ENJOY!

This is a great RAW recipe with a powerhouse of nutrients.  This rice pairs well with all kinds of stuff as a side dish, but I have a feeling I’ll be eating this in many different variations by the bowl as an entree or snack.

For another version or a quick change I might try adding Ningxia Red in place of the pineapple juice.  I bet it looks really strange and taste REALLY good.  We’ll see………?

Anyone have any other ideas or versions they wanna share?



Fluorescent Sodalite, “Yooperlite”

Just back from the Mobile, Rock and Gem. Society’s annual rock show.  Scored this interesting rock while I was there and always learn SOOOOOO much!

Fluorescent Sodalite “Yooperlite”

Found in syenite casts (holes).  Syenite is a coarse granite material high in alkali feldspar (>65%) and does not contain quartz.

Fluorescent sodalite is high in sodium with a hardness of 5.5 to 6.

It is most commonly blue but can be pink, purple, brown, green, white, clear or blue with streaks.




This is what happens when you subject it to a black light.

Who knew?




24th Annual Rock, Gem, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show, Mobile, AL

2018 Mobile Rock and Gemstone Show

24th Annual Rock, Gemstone, Mineral, Fossil and Jewelry Show

  • Friday November 23 1-6 PM
  • Saturday November 24 9-6 PM
  • Sunday November 25 10-5 PM
  • ABBA Shrine Center
  • 7701 Hitt Road
  • Mobile, AL
  • Admission is $4.00 12 and under are FREE.
  • These are super awesome people I’m just posting the postcard I got in the mail for the details, but I bet if you tell them your a tree hugger and show them this they will honor the $1.00 off coupon on the bottom. Never know unless you ask?
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Sooooooo much to be thankful for.

    Don’t eat too much! Gobble Gobble…

    Much LOVE to you and yours on Thanksgiving.

    Lodalite Quartz & Copper

    These Lodalite feel awesome. Discovered a piece out west and realized I needed some in my life. Found these beads along the way.

    Made a matching necklace set for myself and hubby for our anniversary. I may rearrange mine with some in between accents if I find the right gems, otherwise I like the simplicity of just the Lodalite and the Copper.

    SATVA, Organic, Stylish and Comfy!

    On the heals of a lovely trip to a much more progressive minded area of the woods.  I am refreshed and reminded that people need to share the good stuff.  I own several Satva items.  I love them all.  Make sure to check the size charts cause these babies are for the most part super form fitting.SATVA

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    Fall, Winter, Fun, Wellness, Young Living, Oct. 13

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    AND…….. We will be sharing, smelling, tasting ways we can all boost our health routine throughout the winter months.

    There will be snacks and door prizes.

    Contact me for more details if you like to join us as space is limited!

    We request a $5.00 donation from all members. All non- member are welcome Free, so bring a friend.